8 Merch Ideas for TikTokers in 2022

8 Merch Ideas for TikTokers in 2022

As more people keep talking about TikTok, it keeps gaining the attention of entrepreneurs, eCommerce professionals, and marketers. TikTok is redefining the face of social media platforms making people wonder how to make money on the platform. 

While it’s a place you can visit to have fun, influencers make a living by selling different merchandise on their social pages. TikTok is still new and lacks the advertising capacity of other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Yet there are many reasons why TikTokers are selling merch. It’s a platform for people with an entrepreneurial spirit, and offers a revenue stream for various products and services. Here are some of the tips and ideas that you can use to monetize your TikTok account.

TikTokers Merch to Create and Sell

1. T-Shirts


T-shirts are a way to advertise your company or create brand awareness because they usually have a longer life. An eye-catching message on a TikTok shirt can spark conversation and spread your reach to many people in an organic and non-salesy way. 

If people believe in your brand, they will advocate for it on their social media pages, and you will end up gaining more hits. A custom T-shirt can push the limits to your brand acceptance, especially if its craft is recognizable and has unique aesthetics. Better quality will make customers keep coming for more. 

Examples of TikTokers selling T-shirts

Mason Manning and Hayden Rankin are the people behind the Nice Shirt Thanks idea. The design is simple and creative, and most people find it irresistible. These two creatives only ask that you send a short statement or phrase of what you printed on the T-shirt. Afterward, they will interpret your idea into a one-of-a-kind T-shirt design. 

Designs to put on T-shirts

Many people struggle to find new creative T-shirt design ideas. However, all you have to do is find out what your target market is currently up to, where they are going, and what they are doing. Become obsessed with following market trends, keeping up to date with new expressions, and understanding why people hang out in certain places. 

For example, one idea is to sell shirts to dog owners on TikTok. But before you start, be aware of activities and trends that dog owners are likely to embrace. From that, you can design—and sell—T-shirts with various messages and slogans. 

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2. Mugs


Mugs can share inside jokes or remind loved ones that they are the best every time they pick it up for a cup of coffee. Regardless of the business niche you are into, custom mugs are the best-selling for your ecommerce store.

Examples of TikTokers selling mugs

There are many platforms to sell your mug, including Etsy. You can find top mug ideas and designs to follow. These can include popular days like July 4 or holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Mugs can also be gifted on milestone birthdays, such as when the recipient turns 30 or 40.

Simple Modern has done well with offering its tumblers and food-storage products both online and through TikTok. In fact, TikTok is the reason these products went viral in the first place.

Designs to put on mugs

Mugs and tumblers are ideal gifts for loved ones. They are popular because they are low-cost gift options that communicate different messages and visuals to recipients. Creators customize them to accommodate slogans, pictures, or company brand names.

3. Hoodies


TikTok sweatshirts are popular clothing for most people around the world. They aren’t confined to any particular generation. They are suitable and comfortable to wear on almost all occasions. Plus they can be stylish and versatile for various weather types. 

TikTok creators have developed designs for all kinds of hoodies, including sleeveless and light wear. This category can also include the TikTok sweatshirt. Different brands connect with their followers by offering catchy slogans and unique prints on hoodies and sweatshirts. 

Examples of TikTokers selling hoodies

Allie and Sam are among a host of couples that spread their love and passion on hoodies that bear good vibes, and kind, encouraging words. They use TikTok to document their adventures, the latest being motherhood. They are the owners of the Rainbow Love collection, which features different hoodies designs of soft neutral colors.

Designs to put on hoodies

Similar to T-shirts, the design you decide on for your hoodies should reflect your audience’s tastes and passions. Again, be sure to create images and slogans your subscribers identify with, so they’ll be willing to buy your product.  

4. Bottles


Bottles are a big hit for people who lead an active lifestyle. TikTok helps these products go viral, and the recent craze of water bottles makes people wonder what merch is next in line. 

Examples of TikTokers selling bottles

Cirkul is the latest obsession amongst TikTok visitors. The user can change the flavor of water in the bottle by simply pressing a button. For those drinkers who want plain water, the button can switch it back.

Inventions such as the flavor-changing water bottle are a good example of using innovation to market your brand. The idea is viral because followers and users continue sharing their experiences on individual TikTok pages. 

Designs to put on bottles

Unlike mugs, T-shirts and hoodies, water bottles don’t require many words. A simple slogan or company name is best. Color is necessary, but be careful not to use too much. And finally, when it comes to designs or slogans, be sure to take the bottle shape into account. A visual that works on one type of water bottle might not be suitable for another.

5. Stickers


Stickers are small-priced items that can attract a large customer base if you have the right following. They are also easy to create and promote through TikTok. Stickers represent who we are and the interests that we have. You can tell someone’s personality by looking at the stickers they stick on their laptops or car windows. Stickers can be highly personal, and are available to customers at a relatively low cost.

Examples of TikTokers selling stickers

Jenny Nguyen-jjennynguyenn sells stickers and other items TikTok through her online art shop, Third Eye Designs.  She hand-stains the stickers to appear like parchment. Harry Potter and Greek mythology inspire her art. 

Designs to put on stickers

Design ideas for stockers are limitless, but be sure to make it colorful. Draw attention to any message with attractive fonts or calligraphy. Additionally, retro designs can provide a vintage appearance.

6. Notebooks


These are popular items among the youthful population and working class. Generally, anyone can own a notebook, which makes it a popular item to sell as merch. Notebooks can sport brands and have a longer shelf life. If you own a branded or visually appealing notebook, anyone can view it as well.

Examples of TikTokers selling notebooks

Jenny Nguyen, mentioned above, sells notebooks and other stationary products with her stickers. Other notebook-selling TikTokers include Krisydays, Mikabunni, and Grace Kim, who runs Journistic. Each of these sellers has their own visual style, and all have great followings.

Designs to put on notebooks

Brand names and company slogans are ideas that never grow old or wear out. Also, visuals, ranging from retro ’70s wild-color looks to more professional-looking creams and grays can also be ideal for this product.  

7. Hats


Hats, such as ball caps or warm knitted hats, attract plenty of buyers. People like hats and caps because they can be stylish, or they can show support for a particular team or company. They can also be good marketing tools for businesses, as they provide free advertising.

Examples of TikTokers selling hats

You can find hats on many TikTok accounts. For instance, Bel-Aire Athletics is known for selling its “dad” hats on TikTok. It’s also known for constantly selling out of these hats.

Designs to put on hats

You can find hats on many TikTok accounts. For instance, Bel-Aire Athletics is known for selling its “dad” hats on TikTok. It’s also known for constantly selling out of these hats.

8. Tote Bags

Tote Bags

Tote bags are versatile items with a lot of space. This means they can incorporate many designs. They’re also handy for everything from carting groceries to carrying swag at conferences or events.

Examples of TikTokers selling tote bags

IKEA has joined with TikTok to make tote bags a popular commodity. Thanks to branding and popularity, Ikea bags have sold out in many countries as TikTok merch. 

Designs to put on tote bags

Because of the available space and size on tote bags, design and creative options are limitless. But keeping things simple is generally best. Be sure that colors both match your brand and the material of the tote. And, when it comes to slogans, be brief, using only two or three words.

Get Ready to Sell Your TikToker Merch!

These ideas are just for starters. If you need help with print on demand activities, visit Printbest.

TikTok is a platform to sell merch that doesn’t require a huge fanbase to get started. As you continue using this social media platform for your sales efforts, you’ll find additional creative ways to let others know about your merch. Good luck!

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