Can I edit my product listings in Etsy?

What you can edit on Etsy

After Printbest™ products are pushed to your Etsy store, you can still edit certain elements within Etsy. Here is what you can do:

  • Edit the listing title
  • Edit the description
  • Update the price
  • Update the images


What you should not edit on Etsy

The following elements should NOT be edited in Etsy. Changing these on Etsy means that orders coming in will not be synced with Printbest™. The result is that we will not receive the order, and the order will not be fulfilled.

  • Changing/removing the SKU name of any variant
  • Adding variants
  • Changing existing variants
  • Copying/duplicating the listing


Do not edit on etsy

Copy on Etsy

For the safest way to make edits on your listings, we recommend you edit them in your Printbest™ dashboard under My Stores.

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