How do I automatically apply Printbest’s™ live shipping rates to my store?


Printbest’s™ Etsy integration comes with shipping profiles designed to match our flat rates, so when you connect your Etsy store, you will automatically get our shipping rates for our products. There is no need to manually apply live rates to your store!


To automatically get our shipping rates for Printbest™ products in your store, you just need to install our WooCommerce plugin. It’s free and saves you lots of time.

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for “Printbest™”
  3. Click Install Now and then Activate

Your customers will now get our shipping rates calculated automatically when they are placing an order for Printbest™ products.


To connect Printbest’s™ live rates to your Shopify store, go to your My Stores page in your Printbest™ dashboard. Click the gear icon. Under “Enable live shipping rates for Printbest™ products with Shopify,” check off the box “Use live rates for my Printbest™ products.” Click Save.

If you have products in your store that are fulfilled elsewhere, you will need to add separate shipping costs for those products through Shopify.

If your customer adds both Printbest™ and non-Printbest™ products in their cart, Shopify will automatically take the lowest available shipping rate from both product groups and combine them together into one. Your customer will therefore see only one shipping option available at checkout.

Please note: Starting January 1, 2023, stores on the Shopify Starter and Basic plans will no longer be able to request access to the Carrier Service API. Stores on the Shopify Advanced and Plus plans will continue to have access to the Carrier Service API. Stores on the Shopify plan can continue to request access by contacting Shopify support. Stores on the Shopify Starter or Basic plans that were previously granted access are not impacted by this change and will keep their access to the Carrier Service API.

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