How do I list Printbest™ as a production partner in Etsy?

To comply with Etsy’s policy, you will need to list Printbest™ as your production partner. Here’s how.

  1. In your Etsy Shop Manager, go to Settings > Production Partners
  2. Click “Add new production partner.”
  3. Fill out the fields with the following information:
    • Production partner: Printbest™
      • (If you don’t you want to show our name to buyers, click the toggle and add a Descriptive title of your choice)
    • Location: Markham, Ontario, Canada
    • About production partner: A print on demand and dropshipping service that allows you to print and sell your designs more easily online.
    • About your partnership: 
      • Why are you working with this partner? I don’t have the technical ability or equipment to make it entirely by myself.
      • What is your role in the design process? I design everything myself.
      • What is the partner’s role in the production process? They do everything for me.
  4. Click “Save Partner.”
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Printbest™ is a print on demand company powered by SinaLite. We help entrepreneurs, artists, and small business owners sell printed merchandise more easily by printing and dropshipping it straight to their customers.