How do I change settings for the Printbest™ shipping plugin?

To change the settings of the Printbest™ shipping plugin, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: Click on WooCommerce > Settings

Step 3: Go to the Shipping tab and click Printbest™ Shipping here:

Printbest Shipping

Step 4: You can now enable or disable the Printbest™ shipping plugin, as well as allow it to override standard WooCommerce shipping rates. (To have the plugin fully functioning, choose to override standard WooCommerce shipping rates.)

Step 5: Click Save Changes.

Printbest’s™ shipping methods varies depending on the product and the recipient’s address. The best way to see our shipping methods is to add a Printbest™ product to your cart in your store. This mimics what your customers would be doing. If you have enabled our plugin and selected to override standard WooCommerce rates, then you should see the Printbest™ shipping rates available for that particular product at checkout.

Shipping Rates

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