How does Printbest™ charge me for fulfilling my store orders?

All Printbest™ users have a Printbest™ Wallet. Printbest™ charges you from the funds you place in your Printbest™ Wallet. After we receive your order from your online store, our system will check if you have enough money in your Printbest™ Wallet.

If you have enough money, your order will automatically be added to Printbest’s™ production queue and your Printbest™ Wallet will be charged for the order. You won’t need to take action.

If you don’t have enough money, you will receive an email notifying you of pending payment. Your order will not be processed until you add funds to your Printbest™ Wallet. Once you add sufficient funds, your pending order will automatically go into production.

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Printbest™ is a print on demand company powered by SinaLite. We help entrepreneurs, artists, and small business owners sell printed merchandise more easily by printing and dropshipping it straight to their customers.