What are your refund and reprint policies?

If after we investigate we verify that we made an error in our printing, we will reprint the order or issue a credit or refund accordingly. You will need to create a support ticket within 10 business days of your client receiving the order to notify us of any defects discovered in the ordered product.

If the investigation shows that that the issue was caused on Printbest’™ end, we can either reprint or refund the cost back into your Printbest™ Wallet.


We will reprint the product in 1-2 business days and ship it right away to your customer. You will not need to pay for this reprint or for the shipping cost of the reprint.


The cost of the defective order, including shipping, will be refunded to your Printbest™ Wallet. If your customer is looking for a refund, it is your responsibility to refund them accordingly.


Sometimes we may ask that the defective product be returned to us. In this case, please have your customer mail it to our Canadian facilities at the following address:


335 Steelcase Road East

Markham ON Canada

L3R 1G3

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