What happens if the order contains more items than the maximum for flat rate shipping?

Our flat rate shipping divides products into categories. Each category has a maximum.

For example, “Maximum number of items to qualify for flat rate: 4.” This means that you will be charged the flat shipping rate for up to 4 items in this category.

If the number of items in one order exceeds the maximum item count for flat rate shipping, the shipping rate will no longer be a flat rate. (E.g. If you get an order for 5 T-shirts, the flat rates no longer apply). We will use the live rate of our carriers to determine the shipping cost. If you have enabled our live rates in your Shopify admin settings, or you have activated our WooCommerce plugin, your customer will see the correct live shipping rate at checkout. For Etsy, this will automatically be calculated, so you don’t need to manually set up any shipping rates.

What if I have items in different categories?

If you don’t exceed the maximum within each category, you will still get the flat rate for those categories.

For example, you get an order for 4 T-shirts and 2 hoodies. You will be charged the T-shirt flat rate + the hoodie flat rate.

Once you exceed the “Maximum number of items to qualify for flat rate” for each category, the weight based shipping then kicks in.

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