What happens when a product is out of stock?

Sometimes our garment supplier temporarily runs out of a particular item. If this is an item that you offer in your store, we will temporarily deactivate that item variant (e.g. Gildan 500, red 6XL). Your customers will no longer see that variant available in your store. You will also be unable to add out-of-stock items to your store.

Our systems checks with our supplier every hour to see if the item is back in stock. When our supplier has the item back in stock, we automatically reactivate it in your store, and your customers will once again be able to see and order it.

What if I get an order for an out of stock item?

It is extremely rare for this to happen since we automatically deactivate out of stock items, but if your customer does manage to order an out of stock item, we will have our representatives try to find the garment elsewhere. If they do not find it, we will have a representative call you to ask whether you’d like to wait until the item is in stock or cancel your customer’s order.

How often are items restocked?

For popular items (e.g. top selling sizes and colors for the Gildan 500), our suppliers usually restock within a week. For other items, it can take 1-4 weeks. Please also keep in mind that currently due to Covid, some businesses may be running at a lower capacity, which could be temporarily impacting apparel production.

Thank you for your patience.

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