What happens when I disconnect Printbest™ from my store?

When you disconnect the Printbest™ app from your store, we will no longer receive any orders placed in your store. This means that although you may still have Printbest™ products in your store, we will not be notified if you receive any orders for them.

For this reason, if you have added any Printbest™ products to your store, please ensure that your store remains connected and active. We can only process orders from active stores connected to Printbest™.

Even if you reconnect after disconnecting, we will still not receive orders for previously added products. If you receive an order for any of these products, we will not be able to process your order. We can only process orders for new products that you added after you reconnect your store.

You would need to add the products again after reconnecting for us to be able to process these orders.

If you encounter any issues where your ecommerce platform (e.g. Shopify) asks you to disconnect and reconnect, please contact [email protected] first to see if we can help you resolve the issue with disconnecting.

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