What happens with Printbest’s™ promotional discounts?

When Printbest™ offers a promotional discount on certain products, any orders we receive from you containing those products will be automatically discounted. We will charge your Printbest™ Wallet or your credit card the discounted amount. This does not affect the pricing in your store that you show to customers. If you want to reflect this discount, please adjust and sync the prices of your store products accordingly.

These promotional discounts are for a limited time only. When the promotion ends, the prices for these products will return to their regular prices. If you previously lowered the prices in your store to match our discount, you will need to readjust and sync these prices back to your regular prices. Otherwise, you may end up with lower profits or even losses based on how much you discounted your retail prices based on the promotional pricing.


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Printbest™ is a print on demand company powered by SinaLite. We help entrepreneurs, artists, and small business owners sell printed merchandise more easily by printing and dropshipping it straight to their customers.