What is the Printbest™ WooCommerce plugin for?

The Printbest™ WooCommerce plugin is only for getting live shipping rates. It does not connect Printbest™ to your store. You will need to connect your store through the My Stores page in your Printbest™ dashboard. Otherwise, our plugin will have no effect.

Once your store is connected and you have installed and activated the Printbest™ WooCommerce plugin, your customers will automatically get our shipping rates when they are placing an order for Printbest™ products. You won’t need to set up separate shipping rates for our products.

What happens if I don’t install the Printbest™ WooCommerce plugin?

If you do not install the Printbest™ WooCommerce plugin, you will not get live shipping rates calculated for orders containing Printbest™ products. This means you need to create your own shipping rates in WooCommerce; otherwise, you will not have any shipping rates and customers won’t be able to order from your store.

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Printbest™ is a print on demand company powered by SinaLite. We help entrepreneurs, artists, and small business owners sell printed merchandise more easily by printing and dropshipping it straight to their customers.