How do I set up my shipping rates to match Printbest’s™ shipping rates?


Printbest’s™ Etsy integration comes with shipping profiles designed to match our flat rates, so when you connect your Etsy store, you will automatically get our shipping rates for our products. You do not need to manually set up shipping rates!


To match our shipping rates on WooCommerce, it is easy and free to simply install our plugin. Activate it and we will automatically provide shipping rates that match ours. Here are the full instructions.


The easiest way to match our shipping rates is to enable live rates by following the instructions here. However, since Shopify charges an additional fee to unlock this feature from their end, you may choose to go with the free option: setting up shipping profiles to match Printbest’s™ flat rates for lower quantity orders (our flat rates do not apply to larger quantity orders). For more information on our flat rates, click here.

Free Shopify Option

You can also set up your Shopify shipping profiles to match our flat shipping rates, which is free but will take more work.

  1. In your Shopify account, go to Settings > Shipping and Delivery
  2. Click Create New Profile

You will be creating a new profile for each of the shipping categories. Click here to see our shipping categories.

For example, if you are selling T-shirts, create a shipping profile called “T-shirts” and all your applicable products to it. Then create your shipping zone (e.g. Domestic). Within this profile, input the following information: (we’ve included the price in both USD and CAD but you only need the one that’s applicable for your store)

Rate Name Condition Price (USD) Price (CAD)
1 T-Shirt 0.01 lb – 0.5 lb $3.99 $6.99
2 T-Shirts 0.51 lb – 1.00 lb $5.24 $8.24
3 T-Shirts 1.01 lb – 1.50 lb $6.49 $9.49
4 T-Shirts 1.51 lb – 2.00lb $7.74 $10.74

Note that the weights listed in “Condition” are fake weights. This means that their only function is to calculate the price. They do not affect actual shipping, so you do not need to input the real weight of the product.

We went up to 4 T-shirts because this is the maximum number of items in that particular category to qualify for flat rate shipping. According to our flat rate shipping page, T-shirts, tank tops, and long sleeve shirts all fall into this category. So if you sell tank tops or long sleeve shirts, you can add those products into the same shipping profile as T-shirts.

If you sell products other, you will need to create a new shipping profile for each category. For example:

Rate Name Condition Price (USD) Price (CAD)
1 Hoodie 0.01 lb – 0.5 lb $6.50 $7.99
2 Hoodies 0.51 lb – 1.00 lb $8.50 $9.99
3 Hoodies 1.01 lb – 1.50 lb $10.50 $11.99


Rate Name Condition Price (USD) Price (CAD)
1 Mug 0.01 lb – 0.5 lb $6.99 $9.90
2 Mugs 0.51 lb – 1.00 lb $8.99 $11.90
3 Mugs 1.01 lb – 1.50 lb $10.99 $13.90

And so on.

After you save all your shipping profiles, add some products to your cart and try it out to see if the shipping rates are working correctly.

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