What happens when I enable Printbest™ live carrier rates for my Shopify store?

When you enable this, we will start providing the live carrier calculated rate for orders that include Printbest™ products. Your customer will be able to see accurate and affordable shipping rates at checkout.

Please note that enabling live rates will remove any previously created Printbest™ flat rate shipping profiles, so consider this carefully before you make the change.

Carts with Non-Printbest™ Items

When Printbest’s™ live carrier rates are enabled, your customers will see our carrier’s shipping options if they have only Printbest™ products in their cart. If they have both Printbest™and non-Printbest™ products in their cart, Shopify will not show these carrier options.

In addition, Shopify will not combine the lowest Printbest™ carrier rates with the shipping rates of non-Printbest™ products (your default profile). Instead, Shopify uses its own calculations and multiplies your default shipping rate by 2. You can learn more about Shopify’s shipping profiles here.

If you are using Printbest’s™ flat rate shipping profiles instead of our live carrier calculated rates, then Shopify will combine the lowest rate of the Printbest™ products (Printbest™ flat rate shipping profile) with the lowest rate of the non-Printbest™ products (your default profile).

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